Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Working on Tramp Stamp Profiles

Today I am working on a book that will profile 3 members of the Tramp Stamp Club.

If anyone is interested in possibly reading some portions in advance, email me at LBCooper123@gmail.com.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good Reads

Have found this site, and have enjoyed the interaction with everyone there.  Especially love the Kindle Smut forum. 

Will be writing more about that later...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Taking a good hard look at Marketing

Never would have believed that the marketing of the books was this difficult.  I thought writing them was, but now I have to rethink that thought.

So I have been studying the sales on B&N, and they are remarkable compared to the other sites.  Maybe I have focused too hard on that area.  I am now updating several versions of these books in hopes of breaking through the Smashwords Meatgrinder, and maybe I have actually figured out what they are looking for.

Been reading the Kindle boards, and I have to admit I am very confused about several of the tips and tricks.  Tagging, for one seems to be above my level. 

Today, however,  I am going to dive in head first, and see if I can figure it out.

I have gotten some great advice from a well known author in my genre, and her words of wisdom are incredible.  I am going to look into using CreateSpace for Print On Demand, and maybe that will help my other sales.

If anybody has any suggestions or comments, please please please send them my way!

Thanks to all!

Laura ~

Friday, March 11, 2011

Tramp Stamp Club

Tramp Stamp Club: Available THIS weekend on B&N, Amazon, and Smashwords. 

Ellen has watched her stepmother bring home soldier after soldier from the Fort on the island, and is very aware of what it takes to land a man.  When she see’s Jonathon, a childhood friend, after her father’s funeral, Ellen entices him to join her in the Garden behind her father’s Battery mansion.  Ellen is used to dominating men.  In fact, she prides herself on being a “natural dominant.”  However, when Jonathon comes into her world, that pride is turned upside down.  Somehow the man controls her with his very presence.
Striving to write the story of a lifetime, Ellen finds that Jonathon is becoming a member of the Sand Dunes Club, a mysterious Charleston Club that no one seems to know about.  Ellen is sure she can temp Jonathon into telling her about the club.  When he isn’t forthcoming with information, she follows him to one of their meetings. 

Ellen is left scarred for life by what she finds there.  Jonathon is unable to protect her from her own family history, but her sister Elise is more than capable of protecting her sister.  The prominent men of Charleston beware when Elise turns on them in revenge.  All Elise and Ellen need to do is convince the elite socialite women of Charleston to follow suit.  In this case, revenge is certainly sweet.

My Hot Bedtime Stories: Volume 3

Just Published My Hot Bedtime Stories:  Volume 3

5 hot sex scenes for your pleasure.  Available within the next 3 days on B&N, Amazon, and Smashwords.