Friday, July 15, 2011

Literary World taken over by Potterathon's.

I seriously doubt that anyone this weekend will be picking up books to read.  If they do, certainly they will be only to catch up on the nuances of Potter.  We've already watched the last movie yesterday (again) ourselves and are heading to the theatre this afternoon. Of course we blame our kids for our infatuation with the books, movies and world of Hogwarts.  Who doesn't?  Still that is what reading is all about, allowing yourself to live in another world for whatever brief amount of time you can.  Personally I am all about that, even with the Tramp Stamp Club series I created a world that doesn't actually exist (at least I don't think it does.) Another book that is available is Nymph. Not a long story, one that can be read soaking in a bubble bath or an hour by the pool.  It does take you into an underworld of women who respect their men but find them useful for one thing and one thing only.  I enjoyed writing it a great deal, imagining little greenish fairy like women living in the forest was a ton of fun.  They capture men and bring them into their lair from time to time to refresh the population.  If you haven't read it, take a bit of time and join my imaginary forest women!
Have a thoroughly enjoyable day! -Laura
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Plantation

The Plantation is finally out.  If you like Murder Mysteries, and prepared for hot sex scenes, then this book might actually fit that bill.

Billy Crieger creates the ultimate swinging club by converting an old antebelllum mansion and catering to the filthy rich.  15 private rooms of fun complete with BDSM dungeon, and this is the perfect place to unwind and explore.

The murder of one of the plantation's staff threatens not only the club's existence, but the confidentiality of its clients.  Worst of all, the prime suspect is Mike, the contractor from the book WATCHED.

Follow along as Pam, Chris and Sue try to piece together the mystery to prove Mike's innocence.

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Excerpt -

   Mike followed Shannon upstairs and into her haven.  The room was dark; no windows graced the room at all as it was the center most room in The Plantation.  Stone walls enclosed the room in a visage of doom.  Immediately Shannon began undressing him.  Her hands freeing his cock from his jeans with experience, even the frigid temperature of the room couldn’t diminish his desire when she touched him.  Mike wondered if he was ever going to understand her magnetism.

   She threw his clothes in haste onto a stone bench next to the door they had just come in.  Standing naked in front of her Mike allowed himself to be examined.  Shannon ran her hands in and around his body purposely checking his ass for potential weapons.  Her fingers sliding into his hole without lubrication caused pain to shoot up his spine he shriveled under her dragon painted fingernails.  But Mike knew the game and the rush of playing along thrilled him to the core.  The outside of his skin was near freezing, but the blood in his veins was pounding with heat.  She forced him to the wall at the far end of the room and bound his hands over his head with the iron cuffs that were chained to the wall above him.  His cock was hard and hot against her thighs as she forced his limbs to comply.  Bending down, making a point to shove her fully clothed ass in his face, she buckled his ankles into the shackles at the bottom of the wall. His prick bounded with the need to plunge into that tiny soft centered ass.  Shannon stood in front of him and observed her work.  With a look of satisfaction she left him pressed firmly against the cold stone of the wall while she walked to the bathroom.

   Mike’s ears felt like they would explode as the loud crass music exploded from the speakers over his head.  It was a sudden massive infusion of banging and screaming that Mike expected yet it never seemed to omit shocking him.  Shannon returned dressed in thigh high black leather boots, a leather corset with a matching black leather spiked band around her neck.  Mike could see the silver from her nipple piercings poking through her generous tits.  His cock rose higher as she stepped towards him, it followed her every move.  The belt in her hand grazed his chest in a flash, “Behave, you pussy loving creature!”  Shannon screamed above the blaring music.

As the whip hit him again, this time across his bare legs Mike began to beg, “Please Mistress give me your pussy!”

   “No!”  Shannon leaned forward and bit his left nipple causing him to grimace in obvious pain.  “You will not touch this pussy until you are under control!”  Shannon bit his other nipple.  It wasn’t a nip that would be welcome in normal love making, but Mike’s mind was not part of this interaction.  She then moved to stick her tongue into his mouth; he kissed her with a passion that was coming from the innermost part of his cock.  She felt his passion and bent to put his cock in her mouth.  Shannon sucked with such suction that Mike felt as though she may remove his cock at any moment, her mouth was pulling at him forcefully while the silver ring on her tongue twirled around his slit.  It drove him insane; the cold hard metal on the head of his cock sent excruciating shivers through him, and oddly he heard himself begging for more.  She shoved her slippery lips on his dick and he felt it slide down her throat.  She was deep throating him so masterfully that he knew he was under her total and complete control.  Mike’s mind began to leave him as Shannon increased the pressure on his dick.  He felt his cum rising to the surface and felt her hand pinch his balls hard.  He was on the verge of coming in her throat when she suddenly stood and kissed him on the lips.  Shit what was she doing? Mike thought.  Shannon turned and walked across the room to retrieve her twelve inch rubber dildo.  She laid on the floor in front of Mike and spread her legs.  Mike watched as she licked and sucked the dildo, just as she had just done to his cock.  His prick was seeping pre-cum with envy.

   He was begging her now to come back to him, “Finish me you bitch!”  He yelled, but his scream went unnoticed above the loud music.  Instead Shannon plunged the dildo into her pussy in front of him.  He glared at her as she pushed the huge rubber cock in and out of her dripping pussy.  Her other hand began to furiously rub her clit; her tongue ran across her lips sucking on the silver bar that ran through her lower lip.  Shannon roared in ecstasy as she squirted the sum of her orgasm onto the floor in front of Mike.  Mike was feeling weaker and weaker standing naked in front of her.  The stone wall had adjusted his body temperature even lower and he was feeling frozen in place.

   Shannon stood and stepped towards him, she instructed, “Open your mouth!”  Mikes lips parted to welcome the sweet pussy tasting dildo.  “Suck it you pervert!” Mike sucked the dildo with a passion that matched Shannon’s earlier on his cock.  He purposely made a show of letting her know that he craved the taste of her.  When he had sucked the vibrator clean of her juices, she pulled it from his mouth.

   She pulled a small tube from her corset and opened it in front of him.  Spreading the gel like substance onto the dildo she crawled beneath his legs.  Spreading his ass cheeks she slowly inserted the twelve inch rubber cock into his ass.  When it was completely inside him, crushing his prostate, Mike felt her push the button on the end of it.  The vibrations began slowly, then with another push they revved into high speed.  Shannon held the dildo in his ass with one hand and moved her mouth to his cock.  She tasted his pre cum and spit on his rock hard cock to add lubrication. 

   Clearly she was now being generous, Mike thought hazily.  He was moaning loudly as she put his cock in her mouth.  She pushed the dildo in his ass back and forth as she moved his cock in and out of her throat.  His body responded by pushing angrily towards her every attack.  His cock roared with impending release, his mind raced to control his orgasm, willing it to hold off letting him enjoy this feeling longer.  He roared like a wild animal as he came down her throat.  Shannon gently pulled the dildo from his ass and laid it aside on the floor.  She stood and kissed him forcing his own cum back into his mouth.  Mike swallowed hard.  Licking his lips to remove the salty cum that dripped down from his mouth.  As Shannon backed away she smiled at him.  “I assume that you are ready now to give me what I want?”

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Finally finished perhaps the worst book of all time.

So I stayed up until 2:30 last night finishing Land of the Painted Caves.  My entire thought process is now drained of anything at all remotely useful.  The book was 95% filler, 4% events that fell flat and 1% actual story.  So why did I torture myself by reading this?  The 1% story was so incredibly good that I needed to find out the ending.  Of course if my math is right by the time the next one comes out I will be edging on 50 and my eyesight will be totally shot by then.  But hey, by then maybe my nook will just read it for me? Then again how will I skip the 800 pages of crap that she puts in the books? hmmm...well at least its over now.  If you are tempted to read it let me save you the punishment, Ayla and Jondalar get back together.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th! Working on new book!

Hello everyone,

Having some mind boggling thoughts lately. For once I have too many book ideas! 

Working on another novel already titled The Gun Club.  It will be somewhat similar to The Plantation but with a different twist.  What DO these men do at their "clubs?"  I wonder but since I have no way of actually knowing I am fantacizing about some scenarios.  The problem is that Chris, in all his infinite wisdom, keeps throwing out ideas.  He thinks it should be a sequel to The Plantation, personally I want to have a totally new set of characters with perhaps a few run in's with Detective Bell.  Any thoughts? My thought is that Chris should sit over there on his computer and I will sit here at mine!

Another book in the works is Old Oaks.  Not your typical vampire story but I think the whole lovey dovey vampire thing has warped enough minds.  Of course I am one to talk my nook is filled with vampire books. So what would happen if a vampire wasn't coordinated? Was a bit of a dim wit?  Just a thought. 

My latest read is The Clan of the Cave Bear series.  Don't know how I managed to miss reading them all these years but Ayla and Jondalar are hot.  Actually I am not sure they shouldn't be considered eroctic literature.  The one thing that is a bit irritating and I will take this opportunity to bitch, I truthfully don't care what color the rocks are, or the intricasies of herbal medicine! Get on with the sex stuff!

One other book already in the works is messing with my brain, two women detectives, one a vampire lesbian the other a sweet divorced southern girl.  Forced to work together on a case that stretches up the east coast.  Leather and lace type story that should prove to be enticing.  That is if it ever slides out of my head onto the keyboard...

Has anyone out there in bloggerland had any experience with Black Cohash?  My MIL gave me a bottle a few weeks ago now I can't keep my hands to myself! Poooooooor Chris.....

Off to discover the source of the banging on the other side of the house...Chris and his projects...