Monday, May 27, 2013

Top Ten Reasons fo Read Shades of Shame on Memorial Day!

Top ten reasons to read Shades of Shame on Memorial Day

10.  Leila Johnson’s father, Charles (Chipper) Johnson was a fighter pilot who died in a training accident a month before she was born.
9.  Because her father was awarded the Purple Heart, Leila’s education was fully paid.
8.  Logan McNarry becomes a Marine in Semper Fi (sequel to Shades of Shame.)
7  Shades of Shame has a Chapter named Semper Fi, although the writers wanted to name it Semper Fi Mother f*****.
6.  Before Logan joins the Marines he is on the sail team that is trying to win the World Cup back for our country.
5.  Elise McNarry was a nurse at the Veteran’s Hospital where David was a patient, it’s how they met.
4.  David McNarry has been awarded a Bronze Star, Distinguished Flying Cross as well as a Purple Heart for his years as a Marine pilot.
3.  David McNarry can be a jerk but he’s still really, really hot! (Picture Adrian Pasdar with a touch of gray?  Who do you see?)
2.  Logan McNarry is the single hottest guy in the world.  (I see Channing Tatum?  Who do you see?)
1.  Shades of Shame is co-written by a MARINE!  Happy Memorial Day Christopher Cooper!  Semper Fi!


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Saturday, May 25, 2013

It's OUT! SHADES OF SHAME is availble NOW!

To the average eye this Washington D.C. power couple seems to have it all: power, money, and status. What they really have is a firm grip on the image they portray. However, like most couples in this social circle, the McNarry’s live very different lives behind closed doors. They believe in getting their love at home and their sex… elsewhere.
Leila Johnson isn’t your average pre-law school intern. Her mother is David McNarry’s Chief of Staff. Leila knows what she wants, and how to get it, after all she learned from the best. The ladder to her success hinges on manipulation of the Senator, with him in her pocket she can get to the top. Once she discovers his weakness all she has to do is play along with him. Her summer internship has been planned to the most intimate detail in her mind. The only deviation from her scheme is the Senator’s son Logan…she can’t get him off her mind. Falling for his romantic ways breeds nothing but confusion as she fights to understand the new emotion he's uncovered within her.


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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Blog Tour

This is my first blog tour to announce the upcoming release of SHADES OF SHAME, the prequel to SEMPER FI.  

I have two great giveaways, as well as excerpts, teasers, and more... keep checking the site!

Today's Stop:  Shooting the Breeze with Chasity! and


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Getting a little help from my friends

I can't tell you how much work and help Chasity Breeze and Diana Surgent have been over the last few days. They are helping me put together a blog tour and promote our books... Please stop by their blogs and check them out. They are incredible people!!!!

Good Reads

Spending the morning learning how Good Reads actually works...

I love this site!