7 Deadly Sins

Since Wednesday is Trash day at our house, we are taking out the trash, so to speak.  Each Wednesday for the next six weeks, I will be publishing a new part.  The first part, Lust is available at

LUST - Seven Deadly Sins Part 1 - ONLY .99 !
It was official; this man knocked me off my rocker.  I was out of control when he was near me.  I wanted to grab him, throw my arms around his neck and pull his head to mine.  That wonderful tongue would tangle with mine so deliciously.

ENVY - Seven Deadly Sins Part 2 - ONLY .99 !

The office has a new case, and when Carlton asks her advice on a local Charleston Law Firm to partner with, she has no choice but to recommend Frazier, Rice, Rutledge and Calhoun. Enter Benton Frazier, smart ass attorney and Liz’s former cheating dom boyfriend. He’s come to New York to help work a case. But Liz knows better. He’s there to claim his property… her.

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GLUTTONY - Seven Deadly Sins Part 3 - ONLY .99 !

When the case involving Webster Shipping gets out of hand, Liz and Carlton must head to Charleston to find a way to resolve this issue. But their new found love for one another comes with some issues of its own. For instance they can’t seem to keep their hands off one another. Their gluttonous need for one another is boundless in this third episode of The Seven Deadly Sins.
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With the sudden death of his father, Carlton is forced to go back to Worcester, England to execute the will.  With Liz by his side, Carlton finally has the confidence to face his demon, and her impact on him runs much deeper than just her marriage to the dearly departed.  No one could possibly understand the devastation of losing a parent better than Liz, but her presence will require that Carlton come clean about his mysterious past.

Anxiety about meeting someone’s family is bad enough, but when you’re meeting them at a funeral, it’s all the more daunting.  To top that off, the vast Michaud wealth is a great deal more than Liz expected.  While the butler may look upon Liz Martin as just another in a long line of money grubbers, she quickly wins over Carlton’s family with her Southern charm and quick wit.  Carlton’s sister Missy is absolutely smitten with Liz, but her real love lies with another… Ms. Patricia Williams.

Enter Kinsley Reynolds Michaud, the sixth and final wife.  Liz will come face to face with the woman who ruined Carlton, and if she can resist pushing her eyeballs behind her brain they may actually have a good old South Carolina ‘Put Out.”  But Liz has never seen anyone scramble Carlton Michaud before and he backs away from Kinsley as if she’s a leper.

As their relationship matures Liz and Carlton must clear the air about some crucial matters.  Until now she’s questioned his dominance over her.  He’s not very good at it after all.  It gets interesting as the two submissives struggle to decide who’s going to hold the whip.

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SLOTH - ONLY .99 Cents!

Carlton is called away to London after his father's funeral, leaving Liz to fend for herself for the week. 
It doesn’t take long for Liz to discover that things are not quite as they seem in Michaud Manor.  She’s left to discover the mysteries of the family on her own.  A long walk through the garden leads her to Missy’s “dollhouse” where she’s nearly discovered as Missy and Patricia enjoy a luscious romp at the bottom of the stone steps.

But things heat up further when Liz can’t sleep.  She wanders into Michaud’s office and follows a secret door to the dungeon.  As she’s snooping through the kinky details, she’s again interrupted.  This time the intruder is the last person she’d expect to see at Carlton’s home.

After a shopping excursion with Missy leaves her feeling mysteriously sick she’s taken to the apartment in town.  There she discovers that despite all of the warnings, she has indeed underestimated Kinsley Reynolds Michaud.

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WRATH- ONLY .99 Cents!

With the return of Carlton imminent, her misplaced trust in Missy may cost her more than just her curiosity.  It appears that Kinsley's plan has come to fruition, and Liz is in the most vulnerable position possible.

If all that wasn't bad enough, it seems Kinsley and Missy have a new ally in one Benton Frazier.  Why is he in England?  What is he doing with Kinsley and Missy?  Will her loyalty to the relationship with Carlton survive?

Once released from her situation, Liz bolts for the more familiar confines of her New York Apartment.  It is only when she's away from Carlton and his crazy family can she sort out all her feelings and find her true desire.

NOTE:  Guy on Cover is my idea of BENTON!!!!  Yummy!

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  1. Love this concept, spacing out the book releases, but not making us wait months and months for more - genius!

  2. Looks great! I also like the release spacing ;-). Thanks for the giveaway!

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  4. Sounds like an interesting series and good way to space out each release.

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