Shades of Shame

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SHADES OF SHAME is the prequel to SEMPER FI.  Shades of Shame is centered around the life of David and Elise McNarry, their love, and their unusual relationship that shapes the life of their son Logan.

The Setup:

2013 Indie Romance Writers Reader's Choice Award Nominees Laura and Chris Cooper continue the Semper Fi series with the prequel Shades of Shame.

Leila Johnson isn’t your typical intern. She knows what she wants, and knows how to get it. A summer internship in her mother’s office is perfect for a young woman with aspirations of climbing the political ladder. With the Senator squarely in her sights, Leila is positioned to add another notch on her bedpost as she pads her resume.

Her sexual desires rival any man’s, and the fact that she doesn’t mind using people makes it all the easier. She likes her sex raw, carnal, and full of lust and passion, and if it helps her advance, all the better. Senator David McNarry is nothing more than a strategic item in her checklist.

The last time she saw Logan McNarry he was a skinny, silver spooned brat. However, dinner at the Senator’s house was a bigger surprise than she ever imagined. Logan was all grown up now, and definitely not how she remembered him. He was nice, gentle, and a hopeless romantic. None of the things that would further her career. His father, on the other hand, represented all she hoped to achieve: money, power, and status. And the fact that the Senator had no problem using his interns, fit absolutely perfectly into her plans. Add in the handsome, rugged exterior that simply smoldered, it was a sexual play she was sure she could take advantage of.

And all would have gone as planned if she hadn’t reconnected with Logan. As she spent more time with him, her plan took an unexpected turn which had her dazed and confused. A new emotion, one she was not familiar with, began to grow within her. The more she saw him, the less she wanted the Senator. Faced with a decision, her attempts to reconcile the emotion thrust her into unfamiliar territory. Will she follow this new path, or continue to pursue the Senator?


“Right. My type. You really want to know my type?” Leila settled back into her chair and sipped her drink.

“Yes Leila I think I’d be very interested in that information,” David smiled conspiratorially.

“I like a mature man, a little gray around the temples, and one that views his experience as an asset. Someone who knows what they want, and isn’t afraid to do anything to get it.” She watched him carefully to see his reaction. Most people would have thought her words were too forward but David smiled slightly. It was as if he expected those very words to flow from her shiny pink lips.


“Anything. But most of all, someone who could take me as their own, not afraid to objectify me, and use me as they wished.”

“Sounds pretty daring. Not much of a romantic, are we?”

This was clearly a test, she thought. This was his way of seeing if I’m serious.

“Not at all. For one to be romantic, you must put more into lovemaking than I have the time or inclination for. No, just give me the raw, carnal sex, and don’t hold back. I like it…” she said with a whisper as she stood and approached him, “rough.”

The Senator cleared his throat, making a loud, obvious sound in order to convey not only his surprise, but his approval. “I see where my son could fall short, now. He’s just like his mother: a hopeless romantic.”

Leila stood and walked around the back of his chair, trailing her hand across his chest and around his throat. “I hadn’t seen Logan in years, Senator, but I understand he’s a good boy. Good boys are nice, but they bore me. If he knew what I was thinking right now, he’d be ashamed of both of us.”

“There are many shades of shame, my dear. You just have to find the one you’re most comfortable with,” his breath became heavier with her closeness.

“Exactly. And you, sir?” Leila ran her fingers through his thick hair, pulling his head back and forcing his gaze to the ceiling. Leaning into him and placing her lips next to his ear. “What shade are you comfortable with?”



  1. WOW!!!! Can't wait to get my hands on this one...Definately torture...Marie

  2. I really enjoyed Shades of Shame and Semper Fi, will there be any more books?