Boneyard Beach

 The Night’ on Boneyard Beach was over fifteen years ago, but for Jenna Sinkler it is replayed each time she closes her eyes. His hands touching her, the salt marsh taste of his lips, and the ultimate “first time” every girl dreams of.

In the real world, she’s a New York City cop who feels like her world is close to tumbling down on her. When she steps blindly into her apartment for a quick shower and finds her culinary wizard boyfriend enjoying a naked blonde waitress on her blue sofa, she reacts. It’s her reaction that sends her reeling with her tail between her legs back to the island in South Carolina where she spent every summer of her youth, including 'The Night'
on Boneyard Beach.

Fifteen years ago Nicolas Talbot was an uncomplicated southern boy with dreams and a bright future. Now Jenna’s making lists of why she and Nick should be as far away from one another as possible. But one question remains: was ‘The Night’ on Boneyard Beach a fluke, or was it truly as
magical as they both believe? There’s only one way to find out.

As Jenna falls head over heels in love with Nick again, the list of reasons why their relationship will never work begins to pile up. The fact that she lives in New Jersey and he in South Carolina is a major problem. But it doesn’t take Jenna long to understand that may be the least of the problems.
Nick’s meddling Charleston family has harbored his secret for fifteen years, and she’s beginning to wonder to what extent they would go to protect him.

Since ‘The Night’ on Boneyard Beach, no man has ever been good enough for Jenna, and no woman good enough for Nick. It seems as though they were meant for each other and no one else. But there had been someone else in Nick’s life and now she’s been found dead… on Boneyard Beach. Can Jenna overcome her mistrust for men enough to believe that Nick and his family had nothing to do with the mysterious death?

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