Thursday, December 6, 2012

Shades of Shame

SHADES OF SHAME is the Prequel to SEMPER FI, which will bring to life the major player's in Logan McNarry's life.  An inside look to the inner workings of the relationship between Logan and his father, his mother, and Patricia Johnson.

I am finishing this book and will be finishing up the last few parts of the sequel to SEMPER FI which at this point has not been named.

Hope you all enjoy!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Street Team

I am looking to put together a "Street Team" to help promote the new line of books we are about to publish.

And while I'm not real sure how this "Street Team" thing works, I am looking forward to working with a select group of readers.  We are in the process of working on a "giveaway" plan, as well as signed copies of the books and "advanced reader copies."

If interested, please email me us directly... or

We are going to keep this group rather small, so get those emails out if you are interested!

Semper Fi Stuff

Okay, I'll go ahead and tell you all that there is indeed MORE of Logan and Mattie to come.  However, before that books comes out, the next one to be released will be the Prequel SHADES OF SHAME.

This book will cover David McNarry's rise to power as a Senator, and explain just how his power and greed not only cost him is career, but his family as well.

This book is due to be released soon, and if you sign up and follow my blog you will be able to read character bios, and sample excerpts.

Hope you enjoy!