Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Finally finished perhaps the worst book of all time.

So I stayed up until 2:30 last night finishing Land of the Painted Caves.  My entire thought process is now drained of anything at all remotely useful.  The book was 95% filler, 4% events that fell flat and 1% actual story.  So why did I torture myself by reading this?  The 1% story was so incredibly good that I needed to find out the ending.  Of course if my math is right by the time the next one comes out I will be edging on 50 and my eyesight will be totally shot by then.  But hey, by then maybe my nook will just read it for me? Then again how will I skip the 800 pages of crap that she puts in the books? hmmm...well at least its over now.  If you are tempted to read it let me save you the punishment, Ayla and Jondalar get back together.


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  1. Thanks for enlightening me and forewarning me about such a long book. I read "Clan of the Cave Bear" when I was younger, and then "The Stand" later on and it was a struggle. By the time I was half-way through the book, it became a struggle and quest just to finish it.

    I pretty much knew I would not be reading this book as soon as I got to the part where you mentioned the 800 pages.