Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th! Working on new book!

Hello everyone,

Having some mind boggling thoughts lately. For once I have too many book ideas! 

Working on another novel already titled The Gun Club.  It will be somewhat similar to The Plantation but with a different twist.  What DO these men do at their "clubs?"  I wonder but since I have no way of actually knowing I am fantacizing about some scenarios.  The problem is that Chris, in all his infinite wisdom, keeps throwing out ideas.  He thinks it should be a sequel to The Plantation, personally I want to have a totally new set of characters with perhaps a few run in's with Detective Bell.  Any thoughts? My thought is that Chris should sit over there on his computer and I will sit here at mine!

Another book in the works is Old Oaks.  Not your typical vampire story but I think the whole lovey dovey vampire thing has warped enough minds.  Of course I am one to talk my nook is filled with vampire books. So what would happen if a vampire wasn't coordinated? Was a bit of a dim wit?  Just a thought. 

My latest read is The Clan of the Cave Bear series.  Don't know how I managed to miss reading them all these years but Ayla and Jondalar are hot.  Actually I am not sure they shouldn't be considered eroctic literature.  The one thing that is a bit irritating and I will take this opportunity to bitch, I truthfully don't care what color the rocks are, or the intricasies of herbal medicine! Get on with the sex stuff!

One other book already in the works is messing with my brain, two women detectives, one a vampire lesbian the other a sweet divorced southern girl.  Forced to work together on a case that stretches up the east coast.  Leather and lace type story that should prove to be enticing.  That is if it ever slides out of my head onto the keyboard...

Has anyone out there in bloggerland had any experience with Black Cohash?  My MIL gave me a bottle a few weeks ago now I can't keep my hands to myself! Poooooooor Chris.....

Off to discover the source of the banging on the other side of the house...Chris and his projects...


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