Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me!!!

I guess it's true, I have no pride!  Been working on finishing up some projects and have published a couple of new books...

Worth A Try was published this morning, and it will be available for purchase during the next couple of days at B&N, Amazon, and available today at Smashwords.

Adventure awaits Worth when he discovers his boring college night job shows him pleasure beyond imagination.  He isn’t aware that the couple he is watching will bring him to a completely new understanding of who is really is. 

Missy will show him how to pleasure a man fully while her husband makes him the offer of a lifetime.  Worth’s entire life will be changed with what he learns.

Submit is a book written by my Hubby!  His first try at writing a little BDSM, Master/Slave scenarios.  I think he shows a great deal of promise!
Available for purchase during the next couple of days at B&N, Amazon, and available today at Smashwords.

Steve is finally giving Kathy what she wants, a firm hand.  Pleased with her participation, Steve ups the anti by turning over his slave to the wife of another couple at the restaurant. 

Once back at home, Steve shows his friend that his dominant wife wants to be controlled as well.

This is the book in the Tramp Stamp Club Profiles Series.  Each book will detail a particular member, and show the reader how they got into the Lifestyle!

Available at Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords!

Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine how her unlikely May December romance would unlock a wonderful world of sexual freedom and expression.  Being 40 years his junior did not stop her from experimentation, and unlocking the true meaning of his love.

Karen, at 32, is a young widower following her dreams and enjoying the life she built for herself with her husband and former Law Professor, Rial.  She considers herself to be a pragmatic, equal opportunity person who would rather embrace all that life has to offer than be pigeon holed into a particular way of life.  Her loving husband helped set her free.  And that freedom allows her to enjoy all that life has to offer.


  1. Wow, you are like a writer possessed. You just keep putting out the hits!

    Happy Birthday to you, and many happy returns!

    The best to you.

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  3. Hi Laura,

    I really like your books. All stories are very interesting, very easy to read, entertaining and very hot. Congratulations.

    Happy Birthday ;)