Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Plantation On Sale NOW!

For the remainder of August, The Plantation will be on sale for only .99.  We are excited about this Erotic Murder Mystery and hope to get a lot more people involved in the book. 
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Review from Book Addict:
This is a new twist of a story where the main story is about a murder. I was guessing the entire time and it was a pretty slick ending. Ever scene even the ones I figured were pointless tied back in to explain the ending. There were only two loose ends that did not make sense in my mind and I couldn't reconcile. I'm hoping maybe there is a second book as a follow up to clarify it.

Billy was oddly detached and clinical. I actually liked that about him. The other cast of characters were okay for, no one really pulled me in. Mike, Pam, Sue and Chris were okay. The only time I really liked Billy was when he adopted a dog. He became human for me.

This story is a fast read and enjoyable the entire way for me. Each book from Ms. Cooper becomes more polished. And she does have the best book covers! I recommend this book to those who like a bit of "who done it" mystery mixed up with hot erotic sex.

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