Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shades of Shame

This is the PREQUEL to Semper Fi.  It is still being edited, and hope to be released the middle of May, 2013.

Okay, sort of book 2, but explains a little more about David and Elise McNarry, and the pivotal role Patricia Johnson plays in their lives.

Excerpt from the book.  Caution:  STEAMY!

The familiar sound of ice cubes hitting the empty Reed and Barton crystal glasses was a sad reminder that alcohol had become just about his only friend.  It seemed the only thing at this point in his life that didn’t take from him the last ounce of fortitude.

David McNarry had been almost pushed into politics, and the harsh reality of it certainly transformed this humble war hero and loving family man into something that even he barely recognized at this point.  Still, the life of politics certainly had its intoxicating aspects, and no matter what he said, he consumed it with a passion.

He slumped down into the overstuffed leather chair facing the huge plate glass windows that overlooked the streets of Washington.  These remarkable chairs were just another one of her ‘must haves’ when she redecorated his office, and she was right.  They provided the comfort and solitude the junior Senator needed to relax.  His pager, another one of her ‘must haves,’ was constantly buzzing on his belt.  He pulled the clip from his waist and placed it on the small table that sat exactly in between the two chairs next to the Swarovski crystal ash tray and in front of the telephone.  Damn, he thought, that thing will never stop.
Lindsay handed him his Aberlour Scotch as she passed by him, walking towards the window.  “You better answer it, or she’ll never stop paging you.”  He watched in silence as she slowly drew the heavy wool draperies closed, admiring her tight behind in the short black skirt in front of him.

Lindsay was his latest in a long list of interns, and if it weren’t for her tireless dedication and desire to advance, she wouldn’t even be there.  Of course, with her body, it was no wonder he asked her to stay late again tonight.  Sad thing was he didn’t even know her last name.  She brushed past him, her perfume mixing wonderfully with the smell of his cigar and scotch.  He heard the distinct sound of the door lock, and then a scuffle of papers on his desk.  David sat quietly sipping his scotch and smoking his cigar, oblivious to anything that she was doing.

A moment later she was standing next to him, holding the manila package in her hand.  He placed his drink on the table, and reached over the arm of the chair up the back of her leg.  Silk stockings, black, with a strong seam that ran up the back; his fingers barely touching her now as he slipped his hand up the inside of her thigh, feeling for the lace atop her stockings.  She dropped the package in his lap as he continued to tease her.  Her weight shifted as she moved her feet further apart, allowing him better access.  His nimble fingers running across the lace top before moving down her leg and ultimately out from under her skirt.  “What are you waiting for?” he asked as he slapped her behind.

She knew what he wanted.  It was the same thing every night.  He pulled on the cigar before opening the package.  The pager, buzzing again was about to drive him crazy.  Lindsay assumed her normal position on her knees in front of him, her hands sliding up his thighs.  He picked up the pager to shut it off when the message caught his attention.  “Call me now!”

“You want me to stop, sir?” Lindsay asked.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he said as he glared at her.

David picked up the phone and hit speed dial #3.  It barely rang when she answered.  “It’s about fuckin’ time you called me.  Did you get the package?”

“Yeah, it’s here.”

“Well?  Did you even bother to open it?”

“Not yet.  Sort of…”

“God Damnit, David, this is fuckin’ serious.  I can’t keep cleaning up your messes.”  Patricia was more than a little upset, and she had no problem letting him know that.  She was the one person who didn’t treat him like he was gold.  She was the one person who he knew would always be straight with him.  “Do you understand what I mean?  They got you in pictures this time, asshole.”

“It’ll be fine, Patricia.  Calm down,” he said, peering over the package and watching Lindsay’s head bobbing up and down.  “Can I call you back in about fifteen minutes?

“You piece of shit!  She’s there right now, isn’t she?”
“No, no, no.  Of course not.”

She knew he was lying; she could hear it in his voice.  “You know, you really are a son of a bitch.  I’m on my way now to see Elise, remember her?  She’s your wife!”

“I know who she is,” he said, trying to stay focused.  “Just handle it.  Fix it.  Do your fuckin’ job.”

“I don’t know if I can fix this.  She’s pretty damn upset this time.  You stay at the Georgetown apartment and I’ll call you when and if she calms down.  You know, we’re about to start your reelection campaign.  This would be a lot easier if you pulled your pecker out of your intern and kept it in your pants!”

David hung the phone up and dropped the package on the floor.  Taking a big gulp of his scotch as Lindsay looked into his eyes.  He rolled the cigar in his mouth and said, “Continue.”


  1. Wow! What a teaser! Can't wait to hear the story before Logan's. Semper Fi is my favorite book by you! Looks like it may have a run for it's money with this. Your writing styles improve with each new book! Keep up the awesome writing! I will definately keep reading your work!

  2. Damn!! I just can't wait to get my hands on Shades of Shame!!! Sounds like it's going to be full of sexual tension!! Yummy!! If it's half as good as Semper Fi, it'll be on my faves list!!! Along with Boneyard Beach, Watched, The Plantation...oh hell...all of your books are on my faves list!!!
    XOXO(all over!)
    ~Chas ;)