Friday, April 26, 2013

Excerpt from Boneyard Beach

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'The Night' on Boneyard Beach was over fifteen years ago, but for Jenna Sinkler it is replayed each time she closes her eyes. His hands touching her, the salt marsh taste of his lips, and the ultimate "first time" every girl dreams of.


He stopped in the sand, his face turned downwards to mine.  His hand slipped up my back to cradle my neck, forcing my face to his.  His breath, slow and deliberate on my skin, warmed me as he lowered his lips to mine.  The smell of the beach, Hawaiian Tropic and lust weighed heavily in my nostrils. I dropped deeper and deeper into his trance.  With our lips pressed hard against one another, his tongue darted out, forcing his way past my guard.  I couldn’t help it.  The flush, tingly feeling crept up my spine and now flooded my arms and legs, I felt almost lethargic.  Yet his strong arms and steady embrace held me close to him, providing the security I needed to allow myself to acquiesce to him.  I was his, his for the taking.  I was simply powerless to guard against his desires.

I was lying on the sand, digging the meticulously painted toes of my right foot into the sand as I bent my knee slightly.  His strong hand clutched my waist while his mouth gently worshipped my skin as he kissed his way across the tops of my breasts.  My inner slut begged him to rip off my top so I could feel his lips on every inch of my body.

I gazed up at the moon while the curls of his hair brushed lightly under my chin.  I fought the urge to spread my legs and invite him inside.  His slow deliberate pace kept my passion just in front of his actions, making my body ache, urge, encourage, downright beg for his touch.  His fingers slipped inside my bathing suit bottom, and slowly pulled them down over my hips.  The stars above my head seemed to move in unison, deepening my trance as they all swirled together.  My mind struggled to follow my body, to mentally record each of his movements, but it was a losing battle.  I fell into a complete state of jello beneath him.

Independent of thought now, my hips rose to meet his fingers.  I was desperate for more of his touch.  And even as I tried to rush the moment, he pulled away, confirming that he was indeed in charge, and he would move this along at his pace.  He was savoring every moment of the encounter as though he were a maestro and each flick of his hand delivered power and emotion.

His knee gently pushed mine aside as he rolled over on top of me.  Holding himself up, he resumed kissing my face:  all of it.  His warm lips brushed over my eyelids as his breath matched mine.  A crescendo of emotions fit perfectly with his touch.  Yet each act seemed to meet or exceed my expectation.

His soft smooth skin felt hot to the touch as I slid my hands over his broad shoulders.  The muscles seemed to ripple under my fingertips as I slid down to his waist.  I pulled him into me, feeling the weight of his body pressing against me as he continued to kiss me deeply.  It all seemed like it was both in slow motion and at the speed of light.

I felt his desire for me in each kiss, as well as the hard lump between the muscular thighs.  My fingers struggled with his waistband, I pulled and pushed on his shorts but my arms weren’t long enough to get them past his muscular thighs.  Sensing my frustration, he carefully balanced himself above me on one arm and slid his shorts down, never breaking the powerful kiss we enjoyed.  The warmth of his skin mingled with the damp feeling between my legs.  The knot within my stomach traveled to my throat.  I tried to open my eyes as he pushed inside me but the raging fire of pain clinched them shut.  Once past my virginal wall, he stayed still within me, allowing the pain to subside.  Slowly he began to move again, instantly warming me with the slow, gentle burn I now yearned for.  His motions were deliberate as he sank deeper inside, his hips once again touched mine.  Slow, gentle movements allowed me to catch my breath as he finally broke our kiss.  I forced my eyes open as he stared into my soul with the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen.  The moonlight behind him, highlighting his bouncing brown curls seemed almost majestic as our bodies moved together in perfect synchronicity.  Everything seemed to fit together perfectly, and my body exploded with one orgasm after another, each better than the one before.

And then it happened.  He slammed into me hard and deep as I felt this incredible flood of warmth spread through my hips, across my torso, down each leg and out each arm.  Every finger and toe seemed to sizzle with electric current as the feeling of fulfillment spread throughout my entire body.  He dipped his head beside mine, his young beard scraped my cheek softly as he exhaled an incredible moan of satisfaction.

Finally he rolled over onto his back, pulling me into him with his arm around my neck.  I slipped my leg over his and watched him breathe.  Funny how quickly our breaths resumed our rhythm.  We laid there for what seemed like hours as I closed my eyes and replayed the events in my mind.  If it were not for the waves now lapping at our feet, we probably wouldn’t have heard our friends calling our names from down the beach.


  1. Donna Murphy
    I'm so excited to read Boneyard Beach!! Looks like a great read. Hope I win it so I can read it soon!!! :)

  2. This looks good, I'm always looking for new authors and have a tbr list a mile and a half long! I would love to win and have some new summer reading.

  3. Donna,
    OH my goodness! This sounds amazing! I would love a chance to win this book! Sounds like a great read!!! :) :)

  4. I'm a new fan after reading Semper Fi. I can't wait to delve into more of your books. Boneyard Beach looks like it's going to be one of those that you can't put down. I love books like that:)