Friday, February 18, 2011

Clandestine Encounters

I would especially like to thank my countless readers who have each messaged that they are coming to Charleston and would love to meet up with me.  

While the idea of uninhibited sex with strangers is certainly enticing please understand that my conquests must never know my true identity.  It would be unfathomable for my normal life to mix with my secret one.  To reveal myself to my friends and family would end the very nature of my excitement, not to mention send my 93 year old Grandmother into certain cardiac arrest.  Nevertheless I thank you for your offers they have done a great deal to….let’s say inspire me.  

However, if you are indeed coming to Charleston you will possibly see me.  I can be found sitting at one of the small round tables in the lounge at 82 Queen with my husband and a group of friends, along King Street shopping or maybe at the City Marina.  I can also be found visiting several retirement villages, animal shelters and sometimes just wandering aimlessly in Petsmart.  

Look for me!

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