Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Mornings... mmmmmmmmmm

This morning, as usual on Saturday mornings... I woke up after a wonderful dream. Soaking wet, i reached over for my husband. Also as usual, he was already gone. I guess he was up having his morning coffee, but i just didn't want to crawl out from underneath my covers.

I reached down to find myself completely wet, and very very horny. I slid my hand under my pillow and brought out my trusted little friend. I turned it on and trailed it under the covers between my legs. I love the morning buzz...

I laid there trying to remember my dream, which was very fuzzy now. All I remember is having my husband tower over me with his strong arms pressing down on either side of my head as he spread my legs wider and wider. I dug my heels into the backs of his thighs and pulled his glorious **** deeper and deeper into my *****.

His slow, rhythmic strokes bringing me closer and closer to climax. I inched my finders down to stroke my **** as I slid the vibrator into my aching *****. Within a moment my legs clamped down around the small vibrator as wave after wave of ****** rocked my world.

As my ****** subsided, I laid there hoping he would walk through that door and give me the real thing that I longed for. But to no avail, I will have to wait until later tonight to get the real thing!

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