Friday, June 21, 2013

ENVY (Seven Deadly Sins Part 2) EXCERPT

I could hear him coming down the hall, and I purposely stood steadfast, continuing my gaze out the window.  A sunset like this was exactly what this dress was made for, and I’d only rearranged my pose a few times before it was just right.  There would be nothing left to his imagination when he saw me.  He stepped up behind me; his manly scent mixed with fresh soap and a smattering of his unusual cologne.  He slipped his hands onto my hips and  sighed deeply, relaxing into the view with me.  His lips bit playfully into my bare shoulder.  Frankly, I was hoping he’d press into me, let me feel his appreciation against my nearly naked ass, but no, Carlton Michaud was toying with me.  Now that I knew his wicked secret needs were the same as mine, my patience had diminished.  I wanted to scream, enough already!  Take me into that room and let’s see how many batteries we can render useless.  Of course that would give me away as a spy.  No, I needed to be smooth.  At that very moment I uncrossed my arms and felt my nipples harden against the soft cotton front of my sundress.  There would be no mistaking my interest level the moment I turned around.  His strong hands squeezed my hips firmly, perhaps enlightened by some pheromone gushing invisibly from my pores.  He spun me around, pulling my lips to his as my merlot almost spilled on the floor.

His hot lips burned into mine, and his tongue snaked its way past my teeth and deep into my mouth.  I sucked it, like a little cock, devouring it as if I might not ever be kissed again.  He pulled me into him; his excitement was now firmly planted across my stomach and straining through his shorts.  I slid my hand behind his neck, into the collar of his cotton shirt and through the back of his curly locks.  I grabbed a handful and pulled him even deeper into my mouth.

He finally broke our embrace long enough to take my wine glass and set it on the table, then pulled me back to him.  My face buried in his sparse curls of chest hair as I took a deep breath of him.  He was life, freedom, excitement, passion, all rolled up in the most delicious package of a man.  Slowly, but as sure as the noonday sun, I was becoming addicted to him.

I wanted to keep my eyes open, to see his every movement, to watch his excitement grow stronger.  To see his long eyelashes as they fluttered across my skin.  However, visual confirmation of his utter and complete sexiness wasn’t really needed, and my eyes remained closed.  My body was telling me that it was already experiencing much better sensations than my sight could provide.  It didn’t matter.  I really didn’t need to see him; his touch nearly sent me into my first orgasm.  I felt myself being guided down to the floor, and I went willingly.  He lay beside me on the thick rug as his hands canvassed my body, paying particular attention to my rock hard nipples that now strained against the cotton fabric, begging to be released.

I felt him move over me, first sliding my flip flops off and running his thick fingers across the arch of my foot and up my calf.  The whore in me wanted to spread my legs, but I insisted to myself, let this play out!  Now both of his hands were on my calves, sensually massaging them as he slid them up my thighs to the hem of my sundress.  He deftly moved under the fabric, pushing his way up the inside of my thighs.  I parted them cloyingly as he pushed my dress up.  His hot breath moved across my upper thigh as his silky lips and fiery tongue trailed its way up to my crotch.  There was no turning back now; I was completely immersed in his touch.

He spread my legs with cautious fingers as his kisses and licks invaded my inner thigh, inching towards my sex.  Soft moans escaped my lips, describing to him how his touches pleasured me.  His fingers traced over the small front of the panties that barely covered my sex, and then he buried his face deep into me.  The onslaught was so quick and determined that my adrenaline raced inside me.  My skin felt hot to the touch, as though I were riding to the highest point on Thunder Mountain just waiting with my hands in the air for the roller coaster to send me screaming and cheering to the ground.  My right hand squeezed my breast and toyed absently with my nipple as the fingers on my left hand wove their way into his curly hair.  I grabbed a handful, once again, and pulled him into me.  His tongue pressed hard against my clit, and within seconds I was pushed over the edge of a powerful orgasm.

He continued to lick me, fighting firmly against my strong thighs as I tried to capture him between them.  My feet moved to his shoulders as his hands pressed against the back of my thighs.  The mighty orgasm slowed and assumed a more languid, relaxed wind down.  Uncontrollable waves of its remnants still trembled within me.  Carlton had no intention of letting my muscles sleep; he hooked his fingers under my thong and pulled it to the side, replacing his tongue with the head of his cock.  He leaned forward, pushing into me as his come covered lips pressed against mine.

Once again I devoured him, reveling in my own juices as I licked and sucked his lips.  His passion was evident, and his thrusts came deeper and harder until he finally reached my wall.  I bucked beneath him, barely able to keep up with his strength and stamina.  He was an athlete over me, pounding me again and again with his long, thick cock.  Orgasm after orgasm shot through me until I could no longer distinguish them from one another.  Each plunge into my depths sent me reeling with a more intense sensation.  I found myself, screaming, scratching, groaning, and yes even clawing as he fucked me.  Then I understood; there was a primal need asserting its presence inside me.  I’d wanted men to come before, but never like this.  

My hips acted on their own accord as they met his thrusts with powerful equality.  Uncontrollable throbs deep inside me massaged his hot come through his cock, convincing his semen that it desperately needed to be inside of me.  With the last slam of his hipbone to mine, he let it go, no longer capable of keeping it inside him.  My body had conquered his with a dance of seduction so unruly and guttural that I blushed.  His face, now buried into my shoulder finally lifted to mine and he stared at me as though shocked as hell to find me still beneath him.  His kiss was no longer one of strained passion; now it was tender, caring and protective.  “I’m falling in love with you, Liz,” he whispered between our touching lips.  His tongue intertwined with mine keeping my response silent, I nodded in agreement… I was most definitely falling in love.  He rolled over onto the rug next to me, and kissed me softly as the sun finally disappeared over the horizon.

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