Saturday, June 8, 2013

Shades of Shame Video Trailer #1

New Video Trailer for Shades of Shame!


Leila Johnson isn’t your typical intern.  She knows what she wants, and knows how to get it.  A summer internship in her mother’s office is perfect for a young woman with aspirations of climbing the political ladder.  With the Senator squarely in her sights, Leila is positioned to add another notch on her bedpost as she pads her resume.

Her sexual desires rival any man’s, and the fact that she doesn’t mind using people makes it all the easier.  She likes her sex raw, carnal, and full of lust and passion, and if it helps her advance, all the better.  Senator David McNarry is nothing more than a strategic item in her checklist.

The last time she saw Logan McNarry he was a skinny, silver spooned brat.  However, dinner at the Senator’s house was a bigger surprise than she ever imagined.  Logan was all grown up now, and definitely not how she remembered him.  He was nice, gentle, and a hopeless romantic.  None of the things that would further her career.  His father, on the other hand, represented all she hoped to achieve:  money, power, and status.  And the fact that the Senator had no problem using his interns, fit absolutely perfectly into her plans.  Add in the handsome, rugged exterior that simply smoldered, it was a sexual play she was sure she could take advantage of.

And all would have gone as planned if she hadn’t reconnected with Logan.  As she spent more time with him, her plan took an unexpected turn which had her dazed and confused.  A new emotion, one she was not familiar with, began to grow within her.  The more she saw him, the less she wanted the Senator.  Faced with a decision, her attempts to reconcile the emotion thrust her into unfamiliar territory.  Will she follow this new path, or continue to pursue the Senator?

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