Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gluttony - Chapter 1

Seven Deadly Sins Series:  Part 3
Laura B. Cooper
Published by:  Sea Island Press
Copyright © 2013 by Laura B. Cooper

Chapter 1

The bright sun shining through the windows brought me back to life as I wiped the sleep from my eyes.  Somewhat disappointed to find myself alone in his bed, I surveyed my surroundings.  The massive mahogany bed had four strong corner posts, each one hand carved with meticulous care.  I could already picture myself being tied to them, spread eagled, eager and anxious to serve each and every whim he had.  The huge headboard had a crest on it, with the name Michaud carved delicately above it.  It was truly reflective of Carlton.  I was beginning to doubt he owned anything without a monogram.
I called his name, but he didn’t answer.  I glanced at the clock on the bedside table:  almost 6:45 a.m.  I never wanted to leave his bed, but I couldn’t fight the nagging feeling that my day had already begun, and I needed to get moving.  I stood and stretched my arms over my head, catching just a glimpse of myself in the mirror on the other side of the room.  I reached up to my neck to feel it.  It was there!  I could feel the choker around my neck and rushed into the bathroom to get a closer look.
I could not believe my eyes the moment I flipped the lights on over the mirror.  It was a thin row of diamonds, each one breathtaking in its own right, all set in a titanium setting.  I couldn’t find the clasp to remove it if I wanted to.  So this was his idea of collaring me?  By all means; collar me, Master!  I spent a few more minutes staring at it, turning it around and around with my fingers and examining it from different angles in the mirror.  It was as light as a feather but as strong as steel, the perfect match between beauty and strength... much like the man who put it on me.
I looked around the room for my clothes in a daze, finally remembering where I’d tossed them aside last night.  It was a glass apartment, I couldn’t just wander around naked, so I scanned the bathroom for something to put on and picked up his shirt from yesterday.  Slipping it over my shoulders, I could smell his cologne on the collar.  His masculine scent urged my sensual nature into motion.  I held it close to my nose to take as much of him in as I could, then slid it over my shoulders and made my way down the hallway.
The door was cracked, just enough for me to peek in and see him sitting on his rowing machine.  With each pull of the handle his powerful legs pushed hard against the metal plate.  His rippling muscles danced just barely beneath his skin.  Beads of sweat gathered atop his shoulders and ran down his back; each one seemed to be calling me into a trance; hypnosis that I was so willing to be a part of.  I pushed the door open a little further and tried to quietly step inside his home gym.
I imagined I was being stealthy, but in reality I was probably more like a tap dancer trying to walk across a floor covered in bubble wrap.  I just couldn’t resist him!  Barely in the door, and I’d already caught his attention.  He turned slightly and his dark eyes followed me as I admired him.  My God his body was incredible; the large, well defined latissimus muscle twitched and held my eyes.  “Good morning Liz.  I trust you slept well?”
I saw him talking, but for the life of me I couldn’t comprehend what he was saying.  I didn’t care either.  He could have told me my hair was on fire and even that probably couldn’t break the trance I was in.  I shook the cobwebs from mind, and said, “What?  Oh… yeah, um… morning.”
Carlton flashed his beautiful smile and said, “Let me finish this set, and I’ll be with you in a moment.  “There’s coffee over there on the counter next to the fridge.”  His beautiful eyes darted to the wall to my left, and returned to working out.
Get it together, Liz, I thought to myself as I poured a cup of coffee.  You’d think that after having been naked with the man countless times already that I’d be over my schoolgirl infatuation, but that didn’t seem to be the case.  I tried very hard to look around the room, taking in the morning sunlight that shone through the large plate glass window to the east.  I looked at all the universal equipment, the cushioned workout pads placed strategically around the floor, and the hot tub which was already open and bubbling.  I meandered towards it, stealing glances of Carlton with almost every step.  I could see he was watching me walk around the room through the mirrors, and I pointed at the tub as if to say, “May I?”  He nodded, barely breaking his stride as he continued his work out.  I dipped my foot into the water, playfully testing its temperature.  Hot, just the way I like it.  I stepped onto the first step and bent over slightly, putting my coffee down on the edge as I took another step into the warm water.  Our eyes locked in the mirror, ensuring that I was his center of attention.  With deliberate showmanship I erotically slid my hands to my chest, pulling his shirt open and letting it fall loosely over my shoulders.  Slowly I let it fall further down my arms and back, then finally to the floor.  I took the final step into the tub and lowered my body beneath the steam rising off the water.
Carlton stopped rowing and sat still as if he were a six year old fixated on a Bugs Bunny cartoon.  I continued my stare via the mirrors, daring him to be the first to break.  But once again, ‘Killer Carlton’ wouldn’t be beaten.  He stared me down, until I could no longer look into his deep brown eyes.  I give, I thought with a laugh.  I lowered my gaze to the tops of my breasts floating in the steamy water of the hot tub.  My nipples were rock hard, and all the blood flowing to them had turned them deep bright red.  I cupped them from under the water, holding them slightly up to show him just how much he turned me on.  I returned my gaze to him, only to find the ‘man of steel’ staring directly at me, a slight smile marked his face.  I pulled my right nipple between my thumb and forefinger, rolling it back and forth while pinching it.  I looked at him for confirmation that he found my elaborate show entertaining.  Carlton rolled off his machine, scrambling quickly to his feet I saw his approval very clearly.  He was a hard as stone.  His cock strained against the damp nylon fabric of his shorts, every ripple and bulge was presented perfectly.
Silently he crossed the floor and opened the fridge, pulled out a Gatorade and turned and walked towards me.  His manhood on display above me sent shivers of desire racing towards my sex, “My God, Liz, you are so beautiful.”
I blushed, but couldn’t turn my head away as he dropped his shorts on the side of the tub and stood there guzzling the red Gatorade.  My mind wandered while I stared up at his legs; if the scene above me was a Gatorade commercial, women would drink nothing else!  His legs were powerful; thick thighs that gave way to a defined calf muscle.  They seemed to scream for my fingers, but my eyes kept rising until they landed on his impertinent manhood.  His balls were tight, and his prick pointed nearly straight up at the ceiling.  I subconsciously licked my lips still astounded that I could have such an affect on a man like Carlton.  And there certainly was no denying his affect on me.  I wanted to feel him, to hold him in my hands, to shove him into my mouth... and every other orifice.  He didn’t need to put on a show of seduction as he slid into the bubbling water with me; I was already seduced.
He took a seat opposite of me; I released my breasts and reached for my cup of coffee.  I sipped, staring at him over the rim of my cup and through the rising steam.  His tousled hair was wet with sweat and he stared at me before dunking his entire head beneath the water.  He popped back up like a God; his eyes closed wiping the water from his face and hair with thick fingers.  Suddenly I recognized this feeling… last year I’d watched Magic Mike with a group of friends and Palmer.  We were all hooting and hollering at the lovely men dancing across the stage.  I remember the blood coursing through my veins, warming me, exciting me… Watching Carlton was like living in my own version of the movie!  His smooth velvety voice brought me back to reality.  I didn’t even realize I was stroking my diamond necklace when he said, “I didn’t mean to interrupt you.”  He took the coffee cup from my hands.  “Please, continue touching yourself Liz.  I like it.”
I trailed my fingertips across my chest to my right breast.  My nipple sat just above the waterline and I circled it, nudging it gently as it responded to the faintest touch.  I could feel sweat rolling down my temples as I leaned my head back against the hot tub and closed my eyes.  With one hand I touched the diamonds on the necklace, and the other hand teased my nipple, pinching and pulling it.  “Am I putting on a show here, Carlton?”
“Award winning…” he said in a raspy voice.  I couldn’t see his hands beneath the water but his biceps were rippling and the water was beginning to churn around him.
I imagined him pulling on his cock, slowly squeezing the shaft as he pulled it up hard, then sliding his fist down to the base and repeating the process.  The visual image seared into my mind.  I slipped my fingers down my stomach and between my legs, running the pad of my index finger across my clit.  I pressed down on it, squeezing the full globe of my breast with my other hand, as I slipped a finger inside myself.
Audible approval was softly coming from across the tub as I sank down even further into the water.  With my eyes barely above the waterline, I watched as his movements were well defined and pleasure wracked his face.  I enjoyed watching his eyes close with pleasure.  I snuck a second finger inside my pussy, trying to recreate the feeling of being filled.  It was a pathetic attempt, I admit, but it was intoxicating as hell watching him.  I began to wonder if I needed physical stimulation at all; the sight of him pleasuring himself may be enough to send me into orgasm.
After a few moments I sat up, slowly pulling myself above the water. I sat on the edge with my feet still dangling in the water.  I was overheated on so many levels.  Leaning back with my hands as leverage I spread my legs wide in front of him.  Now fully open to his view I used my left hand to toy with my sex.  Carlton’s eyes filled with dark desire, and he released his cock and swam the short distance to me.  Without a wasted moment he buried his face between my thighs.  I looked down, watching his tongue dart out and test my inner thigh, even the lightest of his touches forced moans from my lips.  His tongue was hot like fire against the lips of my entrance as he slowly, tortuously licked his way up and down my slit.  Every so often he dipped just inside my lips to get a taste; his groans reassured me of his pleasure.  I fought the urge to grab his head and pull him into me; he didn’t seem to want to be rushed.
He pulled me back into the rushing water and turned me around.  I was on my knees on the bench seat, my breasts pressed into the concrete ledge of the tub as he positioned my ass in the air.  Even the rough slip proof coating of the concrete stimulated me.  I was his for the taking; my inner slut was ravenous.  Still, he took his time and ran his fingers across my ass, spreading and pulling me apart, examining me at his leisure.  His nose pressed against my tender sphincter and I gasped at the sensation.  Almost magically his tongue burst forward and licked his target.  I shivered with anticipation and nervousness.  He pressed into my opening with his warm tongue; he prodded and teased me until I gave way to the pleasure.  I couldn’t stop the moan, nor could I control my volume as I screamed out in pleasure.  Every inch of my body seemed to grasp the concrete as my nipples grazed sharply against it.  As his fingers slid effortlessly into my pussy I knew my manicure was a goner… his concrete was in danger as well.
“Yess,” I screamed.  “Take me!”  Damn he’s turning me into a wanton hussy!
He withdrew his fingers and tongue with a groan of discontent from me, and moved behind me.  With his hands on my hips, he guided his cock between my cheeks.  He pressed the throbbing head against my entrance; he pulled my hips forcefully and filled me completely.  At my sharp gasp he went silently still, allowing my body to adjust to his girth.  Finally, I pushed back against him, my signal that I desperately needed his full length.  Slowly he began moving within me, as his pounding increased its power my fingers scraped for leverage on the concrete.  Already I was greedy for orgasm, my mind was arguing for more time but my pussy was formulating a strong case against it.  Human nature prevailed; I came hard and fast, trembling around him as he continued to plunge in and out of me.  His balls swayed heavily with each groan filled thrust.
I opened my eyes, staring at myself in the mirror across the small room as every muscle in his chest and shoulders rippled in rhythm with our bodies.  “Oh my God,” I said, trying to keep from uttering obscenities.  I clenched my teeth and turned my attention to admiring him through the mirror, the look of confidence and control on his face overwhelmed me.
He pulled his cock out, and spread my cheeks again as he rubbed the head across my asshole.  Yes, I thought.  Fuck my ass!  Please sink it into me.  Where’d that come from?  I’d never wanted a man there this badly before!  Carlton had managed to toss aside all of my insecurities and fears and made me want to open all my doors.  The head of his cock stretched my opening slowly and he inched his way inside.  I felt no pain, just a warm sensation as his cock plunged deeper and deeper into me.
I looked up, now that I knew where his secret room was; its outline was easy to see.  Oh I wanted to feel a nice vibrator against my clit as he fucked me.  I wished he would share the room with me.  I bit my lip hard in an effort not to mention my knowledge of it; I’d breached the limits of our trust by snooping.  It took all I had not to scream, “Open that damned door and get me a vibrator!”  Its contents intrigued and excited me… I wanted it so bad!
His hand pressed against the middle of my back, slamming my body against the floor as he took his prize.  His entire length was now completely in my ass as his balls slapped the entrance to my pussy.  Even I was startled when my orgasm announced itself.  “Oh fuckin’ yes!  Fuck me!” I screamed.  I was coming all over his cock again, and his balls slammed harder and harder into my clit as I shook uncontrollably.  His hand returned to my hip and pulled me onto him as he plunged deep and held me there.  His cock pulsated, throbbed inside my ass as he unloaded his semen deep inside.
As he withdrew from me and sank back into the hot tub, I opened my eyes slightly.  I could see the room; almost see it with the door opened.  I wanted in that room!  All I had to do was get him to show it to me.  I laid there motionless, spent.  His come dripped out of my ass as I stared at the door with lust.

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