Friday, July 12, 2013

Blurb from GREED (Seven Deadly Sins Part 4)


With the sudden death of his father, Carlton is forced to go back to Worcester, England to execute the will.  With Liz by his side, Carlton finally has the confidence to face his demons, who’s impact runs much deeper than just his strained relationship to the dearly departed.  No one could possibly understand the devastation of losing a parent better than Liz, but her presence will require that Carlton come clean about his mysterious past.

Anxiety about meeting someone’s family is bad enough, but when the reason you’re meeting them is for a funeral is all the more daunting.  To top that off, the vast Michaud wealth was more than Liz expected.  While the butler may look upon Liz Martin as just another in a long line of money grubbers, she quickly wins over Carlton’s family with her Southern charm and quick wit.  Carlton’s sister Missy is absolutely smitten with Liz, but her real love lies with another… Ms. Patricia Williams.

Enter Kinsley Reynolds Michaud, the sixth and final wife.  Liz will come face to face with the one person in the world who not only could come between Carlton and his dad, but did.  Will Kinsley Reynolds finally be exposed as the gold digger she is as her greed drives her desire to confiscate the Michaud fortune?

With Carlton’s explanation of his dysfunctional family relationships, will Liz finally find out about his secretive past?  Was Carlton a dom?  Was he a sub?  Was he neither?  Will this open the door to that secret room inside his gym for Liz?

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