Monday, July 29, 2013

ROCK SOLID~ In the works! Please VOTE in the new POLL on my blog! Click to read more!

This is what's in the works folks.  A steamy LowCountry Erotic Romance that traces the lives of Kim and Marshall Simmons as they struggle with leaving the home where they've raised their children.  The home where they've created a life that's already full and promising.  But the new house comes with some interesting characters.  Neighbors who don't always leave parties hand in hand with their own husbands and Bar-be-ques that seem more like orgies. 
But the thought of sharing Marshall with another woman makes Kim want to scrape the sheet rock off the walls with her fingernails.  In light of her previous drunken indiscretion with bouncy neighbor Calla Rhinequist, Kim just may have to let him play a little to even the score, it's either that or tell him what she's done.  Cheating is cheating after all and she doubts her marriage, even as strong as it is, can withstand that.  But if she can get him to blur the lines of marital monogamy himself then perhaps her afternoon 'affair' won't seem quite as devastating. There are plenty of new neighbors licking their chops to get their hands on both of them, making it happen would be a breeze...
Will Kim and Marshall run back to their previous home with their tails between their legs like the previous owners of their new house did?

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