Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lowcountry Erotic Romance

So let's talk about my irritation level.  Take note of photo on right.  Now I could've just as easily posted a picture of Candy Crush which is at the top of my list as well but I've chosen the delightfully frustrating Chris Cooper today.  This man ====>
can not make a decision to save his soul.  Therefore, I've ( with the help of Sea Island Publishing) decided to take the high road here and make some necessary changes.

99% of the new independent writers out there are concerned with one thing, promoting their own books.  Do tell me why they think spreading the word about their books to other writers is going to do anything profitable?  Writers don't have the time or inclination to boost anyone else's fame.  I sure don't.  If you are a genuine erotic writer then feel free to send me coupon codes, I'll be happy to read your books and post a review for you.  But keep in mind that I'm a professional writer, twenty pages of your unedited sex tale from last night isn't going to hold my attention.  I'm a woman who needs substance. 

Now, let's be clear, just because I publish 'Mommy Porn' does not mean my husband is anxious to let me go around sleeping with other people.  He can barely share his french fries for the Lord's sake.  So your messages ( and I'm talking to you Abbaba, Lu and Kimberly) are falling on deaf ears.  How'd you like someone to interrupt your work day with sexual innuendo's?  And if you think I'm handing over my bank account information to you then you are dumber than a room full of rocks.  You have been blocked permanently and reported as a spammer to Facebook.

On a brighter note, I'd like to take a moment to thank my step son's mother for this, her consistent name calling has helped me draw the conclusion that I should be branded.  ( And we're not talking about Chris's monogram on my upper right thigh here) Hence, the subtitle's LowCountry Erotic Romance. While I've tried writing that doesn't include my deeply Southern heritage, it's useless.  Biscuits, sweet tea and grits are impaled in my soul as well as my tattooed thigh.  Therefore, I've decided to embrace it.  In the upcoming books you will find more of me in the pages.  We've formally released our photos now, because hiding behind avatars is vague and impersonal, not at all how I feel a Southern woman should behave herself.  Certainly not a writer who is proud of her work.

What is Lowcountry Erotic Romance?  Well it's a Southern woman's view of sex, romance and quirky situations that promise you leave you with a warm fuzzy, damp panties and maybe even a laugh or two.  My mission here isn't to make you feel like you need a shower, my mission is to offer quality, respectable, romances that inspire you in the bedroom.  Every relationship must evolve, I'm only here to push that along a tad.  I WANT happy readers.  I WANT you to read my books then go to your partner and kiss him/her on the lips and tell them you love them after reading my books.  For my single readers, I WANT you to go out and find your Logan and to believe that those partners do exist.  I found one ( man in upper right hand corner.) 

 Lastly, I want to thank my loyal readers.  I am so excited about the books that we have in the works here.  The Laura Cooper Fan Page will have a list of release dates for the remainder of The Seven Deadly Sin's Series as well as Rock Solid!  I think you're really going to like where we're headed!  Please head on over and LIKE us!  Read what we're up to and buy some books!  Love you all and HAPPY READING!- L

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